Slashing time

Its the time of year to slash as much grass as possible on our property. The main reason is to reduce fire hazards over the summer. But only part of our 100 acres can be slashed because most of the grass grows on rocky hills. In the past I have tried to reduce grass in the hills by grazing sheep there.  Several times my neighbours put fifty or a hundred of their sheep in our hills for a month or so. But my experience is that sheep don’t eat much of the tall grass. Maybe the tall grass is too tough and dry and they prefer the younger plants close to the ground. So now I slash what I can and leave the rest. The areas that are easiest to slash are the olive and carob groves.


Slashing is fun – rumbling along slowly on the tractor listening to the correct rhythm of the slasher blades through the earmuffs, and also feeling them through your seat and hands, keeping a beady eye alert for rocks that could damage the blades, and simply enjoying being outdoors doing useful work. And it is satisfying. When I look back over my shoulder I see the long cleared strip behind the tractor. I imagine a farmer would get a similar feeling while harvesting grain from a ripe paddock.


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