Linhay Gallery, Auburn

Linhay Gallery is exhibiting the work of three photographers from the Auburn area and I am pleased that I am one of them. The gallery is located in the old corn store on the main road through Auburn.  Hellen Bakhoff purchased the building three years ago and has turned it into a home and a gallery, especially for local art. Our exhibition opened two weeks ago and will remain open for the rest of October.


I have six black and white prints in the exhibition. Four of the prints were also exhibited at Adelaide Camera Expo a fortnight ago, and two new prints. At first glance one of the new prints looks like a double exposure but it is a reflection from one of the Skilly Chapel windows. The second print was taken at the edge of a nearby dam.



I would like to thank Hellen for the opportunity to show some of my work. It is a pleasure to see my prints framed and on the walls of a gallery.

5 thoughts on “Linhay Gallery, Auburn

  1. A beautiful photograph of the gallery there too Jeff. Your exhibition photographs have many ’layers’ to them with the reflections you have captured, well done on your theme choice.


  2. Linhay Gallery is historical and unique. I’d also like to thank Helen in the gallery. Your photos are very well fitted on that white wall!


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