Getting to Skilly Hills Function Centre

If you are traveling to Skilly Hills Function Centre to see the SALA exhibition, this post should help you navigate the country roads.

The Function Centre is located in the hills west of Auburn and Leasingham. A map and detailed instructions are included in the About page here. The roads in the hills are not bitumen surfaced, rather they are gravel surfaced.  But even after quite a lot of rain they are easy to travel on with a standard car. GPS works well and will deliver you to our gate. Just type in 85 Skilly Chapel Road, Auburn, South Australia.

Here are several photos to show some of the main places on the way to the Function Centre.

Traveling north from Auburn.  About 4 km along Horrocks Highway north of Auburn you will come to this stand of gum trees. It is at the intersection of the Highway with Greenwood Park Road. On the right is a blue sign (above the car) with Skilly Hills Function Centre on it. On the left are signs indicating Greenwood Park Road and also Hoyleton. Turn left (west) and follow Greenwood Park Road for 3.6 km to its other end.
At the western end of Greenwood Park Road it meets Lower Skilly Road at a T-intersection. On both sides of the road you will see the homestead and sheds of Greenwood Park. Turn right and continue 0.8 km to “Five Corners” intersection.


Traveling south from Clare. Turn off Horrock’s Highway at Leasingham. This is a crossroads with the yellow picket fence of the Leasingham Caravan Park shown here. Turn right (west) here on to Wakefield Road and follow it for about 3.5 km to “Five Corners” intersection.
Upper Skilly Road. If you are travelling to the Function Centre from Leasingham you will see this view along Upper Skilly Road as you approach a key intersection, the only place for several kilometres where it is possible to cross an extensive quartzite ridge. This intersection is known locally as “Five Corners” even though only four roads join there. The turnoff to the Skilly Hills Function Centre is shown on a blue sign at the intersection. The signpost is barely visible in the centre of this photo, Also barely visible at centre left are the distant farm buildings of Greenwood Park.
Signposts at “Five Corners”. Follow the road marked by the three signs for Skilly Hills Function Centre, Hoyleton and Mount George Road. Behind the sign posts are Lower Skilly Road and Greenwood Park farm property along the road to Auburn.
Another view of the signposts at “Five Corners”. The road visible on the right hand side, Skillogalee Creek Road, is a dead end road. Don’t take that.
At the “Five Corners” intersection you will be among some huge red river gum trees that grow along Skillogalee Creek. Turn west and travel along Mount George Road towards Skilly Hills Function Centre and Hoyleton. You will cross a bridge over the creek, seen in front of the car.
About 600 metres past the bridge you will see this turnoff. This is Skilly Chapel Road. Opposite the street sign (and behind the camera) is another blue sign indicating Skilly Hills Function Centre. It is partly hidden among some pine trees. Turn right here and continue to its end …
… and you will arrive at Skilly Hills Function Centre after about 900 metres. You can park on the side of the road or turn in to the parking area and park near the +100 year old olive tree.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Skilly Hills Function Centre

  1. Jeff & Chiggy
    Wishing you every success with your exhibition. Rosemary at Mellors sent me the link. Will it be possible to see some of your work in November?


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