Burn offs

Now that the bushfire season has passed and we are permitted to burn off rubbish, there are frequent sightings of smoke in the distance. They are produced by farmers setting alight to piles of rubbish built up during spring and summer. In the hot summer months the sight of rising smoke in the distance is enough to scare anyone and I think we all have a subliminal fear of that sight even in the cooler months. In this district farmers are also doing larger burn offs in some of their fields. I am not sure why this done, I would like to know.

Here at Skilly I have several modest sized piles of rubbish that also need burning. Some of the piles are three years old because I have been too timid to set them alight, so scared am I of starting a bush fire. But with a little help I will torch them when a drizzly day arrives in the following weeks.

In this first photo bright white smoke billows from somewhere close to Greenwood Park homestead.


Getting closer, the fire was quite small, it just made a lot of smoke.


One of the pleasures of living in rural areas is watching the changes that come and go with the seasons. This includes crop harvesting, such as the recent vintage completion, or giant harvesters with lights working through the night to reap wheat and barley crops, shearing the sheep and especially lambing season, winter rains and the running creeks, frosty paddocks, bright yellow canola fields, and the boiling hot heat waves, just to name a few. Now we have started autumn. The vineyards are changing from green to yellow, prunus trees by the road sides are turning crimson, wild irises are flowering, farmers are ploughing fields getting ready to seed, and of course the weather is cooler. Each year is a little different. For instance, this year the olives in our grove seem to be ripening earlier than usual. Maybe we will be picking olives soon.

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