In the late afternoon I heard a mob of sheep moving along the road so I grabbed my camera and rushed outside. This mob belonged to the Williams farm. During the day they had been vaccinated and crutched, and were being moved a few kilometres back to their paddock.

My first sight was of the vanguard walking along the road past our gate. All normal so far.

When I turned around I was surprised to see dozens of sheep ambling around the corner of the chapel and across the lawn. I think they came in through a gate that I left open. Strangely, none of the sheep was spooked by me standing so close to them.

On the other side of the fence most of the mob were behaving themselves and moving along the road, heading west into the afternoon sun.

Once through the gate of their paddock some of the front sheep bolted. Of course, being sheep, most of the followers bolted too, making lots of nice dust to catch the sunlight.

2 thoughts on “Trespassers

    1. Lately we have had lots of caravans and campers going past towards a nice spot along the creek. It has been a regular camping site during Easter for years but now get used other times as well.


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