Over the past three months I nearly let this blog die through neglect. But guilt has been nagging me every week and there is only one way to atone: write a post.  So here we are again. This afternoon I enjoyed a welcome gloomy change of weather here in the Skilly Hills. There was even a little rain to wet the garden. To get some pictures for this post I went for a little walk around the garden and snapped a few photos for black and white conversion. I love black and white photography, a hangover from my darkroom days I suspect, and it can work really well in gloomy weather as long as suitable subjects are chosen. Here are a couple of photos from my walk.


The Manse is a cottage alongside Skilly Chapel.  In its heyday it served as both a manse and, more often,  a school-teacher’s house. Then for many decades it was abandoned and slowly collapsed. Up until twenty or thirty years ago it was in ruins with no intact walls. Its ruins are visible in the top photo just to the right of the old chapel.  Now it is fully rebuilt and is used as our guest-house. It would make a great B&B too. Soon after we bought this property, during 2009-10, Chiggy and I lived in the cottage while the renovations to the main building were underway.


Chiggy on the verandah of the cottage.


Yuccas have been flowering in the garden for a few weeks.


Lillie’s of some kind have pushed up into flower in the front garden. We inherited the old tea pots in the background when we bought the property.

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